Understand the Tutorial to Win Playing Cockfighting Gambling

Understand the Tutorial to Win Playing Cockfighting Gambling – Playing gambling is not an easy thing to do, gambling games have many types that you can easily play, one of the games is cockfighting.

The way to play is fairly easy, where you only need to determine which of the 2 chickens to place a bet on. This chicken has 2 types in cockfighting gambling, namely Meron and Wala. The next of the two chickens will be pitted in a match arena. For those of you, novice players, of course, it will be difficult to be able to play it, because this is where we made a guide so that we can help all of you. So, let’s see directly how to play cockfighting

Before you enter the language by playing cockfighting gambling, of course you need to know that there are many types of bets that can be played in cockfighting gambling games, as follows:


Meron means a chicken in the red category, so you can also place a bet on a meron chicken. If in this match the Meron Chicken wins, then you can be said to have won the bet. But if you lose, of course you are considered lost in the bet.


Wala is definitely the opposite of meron, which means chicken in the blue category. Of course you can also put up for this one chicken, if in this chicken match you win, of course you also win in the bet, and vice versa if you lose of course you are considered to have lost in the bet.

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This BDD has the meaning of Both Death Draw, in this BDD itself, both chickens die in one match before time runs out. If you place between Wala chicken or Meron chicken and the result is BDD, then this bet capital will be returned.


FTD, namely Full Time Draw, neither of these two chickens died even though the time of the match was up. Now if you are between these two chickens and it turns out that the time is up but the chicken is not dead, then you can definitely lose the bet.

There are also some important terms in cockfighting gambling games, as follows:

Superior: this will definitely be mentioned for chickens that have been seeded in the match.
Asor: has the opposite meaning of Superior, that is, this chicken is not favored.
Unmatched: this is used to describe a chicken that is not worth it.
Sack Jump: this designation for opponents who do not want to pay defeat.
John Towel: this is mentioned for people who beg to get a chance.
Bangkok Chicken: this is also definitely chicken that comes from Thailand or Bangkok.…