Introduction to Some Terms in Online Sportsbook Gambling

Introduction to Some Terms in Online Sportsbook Gambling – By becoming a player of the online sportsbook type of gambling, several types of terms need to be understood by players. If it’s your first time playing soccer gambling online, you will find many new terms in the game. Playing online soccer betting is really great because it can give the impression of seeing a more tense soccer. If you succeed in winning soccer bets, you can also get prizes up to many times.

But it is certain that not all of you have the strength and experience when playing online soccer gambling. Those of you who are just starting to play may be a little confused by the terms and abbreviations in the game. Even though the term is actually a special reference for players to place online soccer bets for good results.

No need to worry, there are several references that you can use to learn terms and abbreviations in online soccer gambling. Including this article, which will tell you what the terms are in online soccer gambling. Besides that, we will explain what each term or abbreviation means in online soccer betting games.

There are 3 terms that are often used in online soccer gambling games. The term actually refers to the type of bet type prepared by an online situs judi bola agent or site. The terms interpreted by him are HDP, Over Under and Odd Even. What is the meaning of these terms, below is the full narrative.

When you watch the appearance of a soccer betting site, you will find a column that says HDP or handicap. In this bet there are two important information you need to know, namely VOOR and KEI. Voor is the value of goals given to a less powerful team in a match while KEI is the value of multiples of prizes that can be obtained if they win.

In online soccer betting games you will often find the term OE or Odd Even which means odd or even. Well, in this term you can place a bet on what number of goals in a match ends with an odd or even number. For multiple payments or KEI still refer to the KEI value in the HDP column.

Then you will find a column that says OU called summary of Over Under. In this bet there is an odds value which is the market value of the number of goals that the dealer has decided. You have to guess whether the number of goals in that match is over or under from the odds value given by the bookie just now.

The next term on the site or online soccer agent that you need to know is 1 × 2 or read 1 × two. Number 1 means that you place a bet on the side that the home team will win. The number 2 means the opposite, namely the away team wins or the home team loses. While betting x means you guess the game ends in a draw.

The next term is no less easy for you to know, namely FH and FT. Each of these columns is reassembled into three columns HDP, OU and OE. If you place a bet on FH, then you only bet on the first set. While in the FH column, it means that you bet until full time or the match is over.…