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The Spiked Dog Collar: It's Not Just for Dogs Anymore

When punk dressers first started wearing spiked dog collars, it was something weird, something strange and foreign and a little bit offensive. Now, however, wearing a spiked collar has started to become a little bit cool. It's still only worn by people wanting to project a 'bad boy' image (or a 'bad girl' image, of course; more girls are wearing spiked collars than boys these days), but as the 'bad boy' (or girl) image becomes more popular, we've seen a matching increase in the popularity of the spiked dog collar as a fashion accessory.

Wearing 'dog's clothes' as fashion accessories is hardly a new trend; dog tags, which are a bit more reserved and laid back, found their place in the fashion industry back in the nineties. Because they are more conservative, smaller, and easier to dismiss, they caught on much faster than the spiked dog collar. It was less offensive, less in your face, and even 'good girls' and 'good boys' will wear a dog tag nowadays. What's worth noting, however, is that especially with the latest trends swinging so much towards metal accessories on every part of your clothing, the spiked dog collar is less a 'bad boy' accessory than ever. Teens who never would have dreamed of wearing a spiked collar in the nineties think little or nothing of wearing them now. There are even 'Christian' spiked collars, with a cross hanging from them.

As with almost any sort of fashion accessory, the spiked dog collar is losing its original image as it gains popularity. Whatever those people who wouldn't wear them no matter how popular they become may think, it's hard to deny that the spiked dog collar has lost at least some of its former 'bad boy' image. Whether you would wear them or not, it's safe to say that the spiked dog collar is no longer just for dogs anymore.