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The First Steps in Search Dog Training
The working dog breeds such as Border Collies, Labradors, Golden Labradors and German Shepherds are the most usual dogs chosen for search dog training. Their inbred characteristics and abilities make them perfect for searching. This can mean mountain or countryside tracking search and rescue, or police detection sniffer dogs.

Deaf Dog Training will Test and Reward Both Dog and Trainer
If you have a dog which cannot hear then the training methods you use will have to rely entirely upon visual signals; deaf dog training can be a challenging experience for the trainer as well as the dog. Many owners who train deaf dogs will use the sign language of humans.

Seeing Eye Dog Training: A Labor of Love
The relationship between people who are blind and their guide dogs is so important that it’s vital to have expert seeing eye dog training.  These dogs are, after all, the blind person’s eyes to the world.

An Introduction to Service Dog Training
Service dog training is a one of those highly specialised areas of dog training which really requires an expert. If you have a lot of experience training dogs or have specific experience in service dog training then you may be able to do it yourself but if you haven’t then an expert is needed.

Basic Security Dog Training for Your Dog
Many people buy a dog to have as a pet, or as an additional member of their family; but very often they also want the added security a dog gives to their home and will look into security dog training. Depending on what level of security you want.