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  • Dogs Rule
    Female dogs are easier to house train and obedience train. They also often demand more affection from their owners than male dogs.

  • Your New Dog
    You dog training starts when you bring your new dog home.

    • Second Hand Dog
      Dogs may be taken to shelters due to the death of beloved owner or a military family's requirement to move to another country.

    • Adopting A Shelter Dog
      Why buy a dog when you can bring home a new best friend from a local animal shelter almost for free? Purebred dogs come with health issues of over breeding and special grooming requirements

    • A Forever Home
      Why do you want a dog? If it's because you saw a cute puppy and thought pet ownership looked like a fun thing to try – do the pet a favor and buy a plant.

    • Grooming for Health
      Dog grooming is too often treated as an occasional brushing or bath, but regular grooming should be a part of the care of your new pet.

    • Walking Your Dog
      Taking a small puppy for a walk is a stop and go experience. They must smell everything, mark everything and will come to a dead stop when they see something they don't understand.

    • Car Rides
      If the only time your pooch gets in the car is when he is going to the vet's office., car rides won't be a pleasant experience for your dog.

    • Dog Aggression

    • Your Dog's Schedule
      As you get to know your new dog, you may notice he has a specific schedule for his days

    • Housebreaking
      Most dogs can be housebroken in just a few days

    • Adopting a Large Breed Pet
      The beautiful eyes of a retriever, the alert stance of a German Shepherd and the massive size of a Rottweiler appeal to large numbers of pet owners.

    • Tricks to Teach Dogs to Come
      Your dog will get the idea if you simply use your tone of voice in an encouraging way, say "come" when he comes toward you and then reward him with a small treat and praise when he arrives.

  • Home Made Dog Food
    The amount of food in this recipe will feed a 40 lb dog for 2 days...a 20 lbs dog for 3 days or you can extend it with a bit of dry kibble. The recipe is for adult dogs only as puppies have special nutritional needs.

  • Dog Collars

    • Spiked Collar
      the spiked dog collar has lost at least some of its former 'bad boy' image. Whether you would wear them or not, it's safe to say that the spiked dog collar is no longer just for dogs anymore.

    • Rhinestone Collar
      Don't burden a dog with a rhinestone collar if they're not the kind of dog who can wear it.

    • Personalized Collar
      Most tags allow you to personalize the tag with two, three, or sometimes even four lines of text. *The most important information you can include on your pet's personalized dog collar* is your name and phone number!

    • Fancy Collar
      Buy a fancy dog collar as a way of doing something a little extra special for your pet.

    • Designer Collars
      We may be able to coax our pets in to wearing designer dog collars that blink small colored lights, or are embossed with tiny Santa's or perhaps reindeer in flight.

    • Training Collar
      By using a training collar to help your pet understand what is and is not acceptable behavior, you ensure that both of you will be happy for many years to come.

    • Shock Collar
      The basic operation of a dog shock collar is pretty easy. When the dog is engaged in an activity that is not allowed, the collar emits a very low grade shock.

    • Bark Collar
      A dog bark collar is intended to stop dogs from barking excessively. They range from citronella collars which spray the dog whenever he or she barks to electric shock collars which deliver a painful jolt of electricity to try to stop the dog from barking.

    • Dog Leash and Collar
      The first thing is to realize that a dog collar and leash is not a one size fits all situation. Different breeds require that the collar be adjustable so that the fit around the neck is secure but does not impair the pet's ability to breathe or to move the neck freely.

    • Electronic Collar
      The electronic dog training collar can be a great boon to pet owners struggling to train their dogs. But like all other training methods, it has its proper uses and its improper uses

  • Dog Training Methods
    The best dog training methods are those that use positive reinforcement and lead your dog to view training time ad play time.

    • Dog-Training
      It takes so little time and effort to turn a puppy or adopted older dog into a pet that will adore you and try his best to please you. Training is not something that can be left for another time

    • Reward Based Training
      Though dog training methods differ from one professional trainer to another, one theme emerges time after time – offering rewards works.

    • Clicker Training
      Adding clicker dog training methods to this tool you can cut your dog training time in half. The ‘clicker’ referred to in the name of this method is a simple sound making device.

    • Crate Training
      It is a good idea to introduce your dog to a kennel crate as early as possible in his life and associate it with positive experiences in order that your dog crate training is a casual affair more about familiarity than anything else.

    • Electronic Pet Collar
      Among most dog owners, electronic dog collars are abhorred as a cruel method of dog training. In the hands of a notice this is too often true. Also known as Shock Collars, this type of training equipment should be left in the hand of professional trainers.

  • Dog Training Equipment
    Dog training equipment for agility dog training doesn't have to cost a fortune.

    • Dog Training Equipment Cost
      As pet owners, many of us are quite good at justifying all those purchases we make for our canine friends. No matter what it is, we can always label that purchase "dog training equipment".

    • Agility Training Equipment
      there are currently on the market some dog agility training supplies which will not only keep your pet fit and agile, but will assist in training him and give you both a lot of fun in the process.

    • Discount Training Supplies
      Whether you are buying leads and leashes or agility training equipment, you can find discount dog training supplies by just taking time to look for them.

    • Buy Training Equipment
      First of all, consider the kind of dog you are going to train, what you want to teach him, and how you will do that. Then you will be prepared to buy dog training equipment.

    • Dog Training Books
      There are two things to consider when buying dog training books, since the range available can be split into two distinct categories: first, the author and, second, the method.

  • Basic Dog Training
    Your family pet will benefit from basic dog training which includes learning basic obedience such as housebreaking and crate training.

    • Puppy Training
      Puppy training can be both exciting and exhausting; but the time and attention you put in will reward you with a well trained, and house trained, dog who is obedient and a pleasure to live.

    • Dog Training Tips
      The best dog training tip I ever received for dog training is to remember that whatever you do when you are with your dog – you are always teaching him something.

    • Litter Box Training
      Many people dread the idea of a dirty animal living in their house but whether or not a dog knows where to eliminate is really down to whether the owner has properly conducted their dog litter box training.

    • Crate Training For Puppies
      Crate training your dog should begin when he is a puppy, or at least when you first get him, and continue throughout your pet’s life.

    • Housebreaking Your Puppy
      When you bring home your new puppy, some training must start immediately. With just a few easy housebreaking tips, it won't be long before you can have a puppy and clean floors, too.

  • Advanced Dog Training
    Utilizing advanced dog training techniques for companion dogs, therapy dogs and dog agility trials.

    • Companion Training
      Companion dog training can be fun as well as instructional and often necessary in improving the relationship between you, your family and your dog.

    • Guard Dog Training
      There are those who would say that guard dog training is not necessary for dogs because guarding is instinctive to them. However, this depends on the extent of the protection you’re looking for.

    • Therapy Dogs
      The use of therapy dogs in helping people in hospitals, nursing homes, institutions and in numerous other circumstances is so important that it’s essential that the dogs get the right therapy dog training.

    • Agility Training
      Because dog agility requires considerable skill, the proper dog agility training is essential to keeping the sport safe for both dogs and handlers.

    • Advanced Training For Dogs
      When we think of advanced dog training, we are apt to consider guard dogs or therapy dogs or any other canine specialty training. Any time you teach your own family dog more than the basic sit, stay, come, heel – you are using advanced methods.

  • Specialty Dog Training
    Dog training for deaf dogs is challenging as is training service dogs and other specialty task dogs.

    • Search Dog Training
      The working dog breeds such as Border Collies, Labradors, Golden Labradors and German Shepherds are the most usual dogs chosen for search dog training.

    • Deaf Dog Training
      If you have a dog which cannot hear then the training methods you use will have to rely entirely upon visual signals; deaf dog training can be a challenging experience for the trainer as well as the dog.

    • Seeing Eye Dog Training
      The relationship between people who are blind and their guide dogs is so important that it’s vital to have expert seeing eye dog training. These dogs are, after all, the blind person’s eyes to the world.

    • Service Dog Training
      Service dog training is a one of those highly specialised areas of dog training which really requires an expert. If you have a lot of experience training dogs or have specific experience in service dog training then you may be able to do it yourself but if you haven’t then an expert is needed.

    • Security Dog Training
      Many people buy a dog to have as a pet, or as an additional member of their family; but very often they also want the added security a dog gives to their home and will look into guard dog training.

  • Dog Groups

    • Designer Dogs
      If your dog's breed has an "oodle" or a "poo" in it – you are the proud owner of a designer dog.

    • Herding Dogs
      Herd dogs are working dogs but their unique type of work and abilities earned them a subgroup of their own.

    • Hound Dogs
      Hound dogs are various breeds with similar characteristics -there are two distinct types of hounds - Scent Hounds and Sighthounds

    • Non-Sporting Dogs
      Non-sporting dogs is a catchall group composed of breeds that may previously have been developed for work or hunting but which have evolved into primarily companion or family dogs.

    • Sporting Dogs
      Sporting dogs are divided by hunting enthusiasts by their purpose as game dogs, gun dogs and bird dogs. Sporting dogs were developed to aid their masters in hunting small game. They are some of the most beautiful of dog breeds and thrive on vigorous activity.

    • Terriers
      Terriers are high personality dogs. In spite of their often frenzied behavior, dogs in the terrier group are highly prized as family pets.

    • Working Dogs
      Canines in the Working Group are medium to extremely large sized dogs. From performing avalanche and water rescues to protecting property, these dogs have been invaluable assets to their owners for many years.

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