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Is a Rhinestone Dog Collar Sissy or Classy?

There is a huge debate among pet owners about the rhinestone dog collar. Is it sissy? Is it classy? Is it just plain ridiculous? Of course there will always be differences of opinion about this; it is, after all, just another aspect of fashion, just another fashion question, and fashion is there to be disagreed about. Certainly there are dogs who would look just plain silly in a rhinestone collar. A doberman or rottweiler, for example, springs to mind. And some dogs are too hairy for you to see the rhinestone dog collar at all.

However, there are some dogs who look quite chic in a rhinestone dog collar. Many small, shorter haired terriers can pull it off, such as the Yorkshire terrier, as can any toy poodle. But even within these breeds, it takes a special dog to really look classy in a rhinestone dog collar. Let's face it, a rhinestone dog collar is gaudy and designed to draw attention, and for the dog who knows how to strut its stuff, a rhinestone dog collar will sparkle. For any other dog, the gemstone studded collar is probably too much. Rhinestones aren't made for your friendly neighborhood canine; they're totally for the dog with its classy nose up in the air, the dog with more self-assurance than a cat. Haven't we all known dogs like that before? And on such a dog, the collar can actually look really classy.

So, as with any other kind of extreme fashion statement, if you can look good in it, you can look great in it. And if you can't pull it off, you're just going to look stuffy and ridiculous. My suggestion to pet owners? Don't burden a dog with a rhinestone collar if they're not the kind of dog who can wear it. Let's face it, it takes a pretty stuck up little pooch to wear a rhinestone collar. But the ones who can wear it, can wear it well.