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Puppy Training Basics or How to Housetrain Your Pup

Puppy training can be both exciting and exhausting; but the time and attention you put in will reward you with a well trained, and house trained, dog who is obedient and a pleasure to live. Training your pup properly is the foundation for a great friendship with your dog. Always remember that puppies are young children; supporting them, showing them kindness and rewards will cause them to be happy confident and loyal companions.

The first and most important thing you must teach your new pet is where the ‘toilet’ is. Initially, the best procedure is to set up one room where the animal will sleep eat and play when it is alone; then you must entirely paper every inch of floor space with old newspapers. When you first get a young puppy it is unlikely they will be toilet trained and so it is possible you will have to start from scratch. By papering the whole of the puppy’s environment you ensure it gets used to toileting on newspaper; which is the first step.

For the first few weeks of owning a new dog his toilet routine will be foremost on your mind. A puppy, having a small bladder, can ‘eliminate’ as much as once every hour and if the pup is going to leave the papered room then you need to know when he last ‘went’. The best procedure is to keep an eye on him and if he is to venture outside his room then ensure you take him back to it after 45 minutes, wait for him to ‘eliminate’ and then he can come out again foir another 45 minutes; this way, your house remains smell-free and pup gets used to the idea of eliminating on paper and always eliminating in a specific location – ie, his room.

As time passes you will find that your puppy tends to eliminate in one area of his room and you can then begin to remove the paper from the rest of the room. Don’t do it all at once because there will always be ‘accidents’ but by gradually removing paper over time the puppy makes the association between papered floor and toilet as well as a particular location in the room. Lastly, never punish your puppy for his accidents; remember he is a young child and learns best by encouragement and reward. Each time he uses his paper give him some love and praise and this will assist in the house training. Before long you will have a house trained dog and you will have had an enjoyable time puppy training!


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