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For Electronic Dog Collars, Call a Professional Dog Trainer

Among most dog owners, electronic dog collars are abhorred as a cruel method of dog training.  In the hands of a notice this is too often true.  Also known as Shock Collars, this type of training equipment should be left in the hand of professional trainers.

They have the knowledge of dogs and of the product to use the collar effectively with no harm or stress on the animal.  Dog owners most often use this training tool to keep their dog on their property.  Called an invisible fence, the collar is part of a system that administers a shock to the dog should he attempt to leave the boundaries of your yard.  A wire buried just below the ground triggers a shock to the pet – and his collar – comes too close to the buried trigger wire.

This containment system was very popular a few years ago but has lost its newness and is not used extensively now.  One reason is the realization that a shock can hurt the animal.  Another is that an animal in a full adrenalin chase mode may violate the invisible fence without being to stop in time.  In a quieter mood, he may then be afraid to return as he remembers what happens when he crosses a certain area.  The cruelty factor cannot be ignored.  The snugness of this collar can be irritating to the dog's neck, especially in a hot climate.  For most pet owners, the desire to have a lovely lawn free of fencing has given way to the wish to avoid harm to their dog.

Professional trainers can use this electronic collar effectively.  It is especially useful when training a dog to avoid bad behavior.  Correcting car chasing or fence jumping is critical to keep a dog safe.  Trainers start with the lowest possible electric shock.  Usually a dog will only twitch his ears if the shock is administered correctly.  If a dog barks or howls, the level is set too high.  The trainer gives the dog a command just before administering the shock – that is essential to the training.

Some pet owners also training collars to stop dogs from barking incessantly.  Although not harmful for a short term, dogs usually bark for a reason – thought we may often not understand what it is.  These bark collars can be set not to activate for 30 seconds to allow for the occasion normal bark.  However, if your dog is barking for extended period, it is likely something is wrong with the dog or his environment.  If your dog barks only occasionally, he is just being a dog and no discipline is needed.

In short, electronic dog collars are useful tools of the trade for some professional dog trainers and used in this way are not damaging to your pet.  Used by an owner with no understand of the product or his dog, they can be tools of torture.