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The 2 best Tips for Training Your Dog

The best dog training tip I ever received for dog training is to remember that whatever you do when you are with your dog – you are always teaching him something. The best tip I can give is to praise your dog when he behaves well. A dog’s learning doesn’t start just because you decide to teach him something; a dog’s education will happen anyway. A disobedient dog may be untrained – but actually he was trained: he was taught to please himself! By ignoring or mistreating or being lazy about your pet’s education you are teaching him bad traits. By not praising his achievements you give him no guidance as to what is required of him.

Training is perhaps too limited a word for what it takes to produce a well behaved dog. The idea of training tends to bring to mind thoughts of military and police dogs, blind dogs and working animals; so, many people mistakenly believe that since theirs is a domestic pet there is no need to train them and that, somehow, by inhabiting the same space, their animal will learn how to behave properly. This is a mistaken idea for many reasons, one main reason being that dogs are not humans and cannot be expected to understand unless they are taught. I have met many mature dogs who didn’t even respond when their own name was called: a dog needs to be taught his name!

So, when we talk about dog training, what is really meant is teaching your pet; helping your animal to learn good behaviour. This means teaching him his name, house training him, teaching him not to bark at every opportunity, training him not to jump up or bite, letting him know when and how to sit when told, teaching him how to behave when walking, and many other simple day to day lessons which will make both your lives happier and more hassle free.

Depending upon the breed of dog you are training there are a number of approaches you can take. Each dog breed has different innate behaviours and tendencies which respond to different types of training. The breed of spaniels is a very energetic and highly intelligent breed which requires much patience and stamina from the owner; whereas a breed of lap dog might require different measures. But the one tip that will work for all dog training is reward for good or ‘right’ behaviour. By praising your dog, when he behaves correctly, you encourage him to repeat the behaviour. Praise is a highly underrated training aid; always ensure that when your dog obeys you or learns something new, you show him approval. To start with he will repeat the behaviour to win approval but by repeating over time he becomes trained and conditioned to act that way without the thought of praise.