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Reward Based Dog Training Methods Work Best
Though dog training methods differ from one professional trainer to another, one theme emerges time after time – reward based dog training works.  Depending on the type of training involved, the items used for positive enforcement differ.  In guard and search dog training, it is common to give playtime with a favorite ball or chew.

Clicker Dog Training Means Quicker Dog Training
Offering your dog praise and encouragement is a powerful training tool; but by adding clicker dog training methods to this tool you can cut your dog training time in half. The ‘clicker’ referred to in the name of this method is a simple sound making device; and could, actually, be a whistle or anything else.

The Principle of Dog Crate Training is Familiarity and Positive Reinforcement
It is a good idea to introduce your dog to a kennel crate as early as possible in his life and associate it with positive experiences in order that your dog crate training is a casual affair more about familiarity than anything else.

For Electronic Dog Collars, Call a Professional Dog Trainer
Among most dog owners, electronic dog collars are abhorred as a cruel method of dog training.  In the hands of a notice this is too often true.  Also known as Shock Collars, this type of training equipment should be left in the hand of professional trainers.

Shock collar dog training methods
If a trainer utilises shock collar dog training with their animals it will typically take the form of either an aid to ‘fine tuning’ an already highly trained animal, or it will be an aid to communication with a dog at some distance from the owner, or else it will take the form of a correctional device or inhibitor.