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How to Find the Best Dog Training Books for Your Dog

There are two things to consider when buying dog training books, since the range available can be split into two distinct categories: first, the author and, second, the method. Often the method is specific to an author, but not always. Methods evolve and change over the years and different practitioners might have different experiences and opinions on them. Just as often an unknown author might outline a known method and review it in a book. But, if you are looking for a good book on training your dog, the best thing you can do is to research well known dog trainers and well known methods, then look to see whether the book lists reflect what you found.

The only other consideration is the breed of dog you are going to train, and what you want to train your dog to do. Different dog breeds have different tendencies, characteristics and propensities. The breeds of hunting dogs are wholly different to the breeds of lap dogs; always remember that the domestic dogs we know today are as much a human creation as a creation of nature. Domestic breeds have been specifically bred to enhance specific characteristics, abilities and tendencies. Hunting dogs were bred to hunt and have all the characteristics required for a robust energetic and outdoor life. King Charles Cavaliers were bred to adorn a palace and keep the king company during the day and keep him warm at night. So, while training methods are general enough to apply to all dogs; it is worth researching which authors or methods are most appropriate to your breed.

The bookshelves in our bookshops and libraries are heavy with books on dogs; they are a very popular pet and there are very many breeders and trainers and suchlike whose opinion or experience has gone to print so it is worth arming yourself with some relevant facts and requirements before you get buried under all the possibilities. Having already made a note of your dog’s breed and researched methods and authors, it is worth reflecting upon what it is you want to train your dog to do. Dog training is as wide a field as the many activities a dog might be required to perform. From hunting to fetching, from guarding to doing tricks, or just walking down the street or not begging at the table; there are dog training books on every aspect of a dog’s life and there is no point buying a book on shepherding if you merely want your dog to walk to heel!