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Designer Dog Collars for Dress-Up

Sometimes we like to do something a little special for our pets. In the case of buying something a little different for our dogs, we may decide to go with a designer dog collar. Here are a few facts about designer collars, and some things to consider if you plan on buying one or two for your dog.

A designer dog collar will often carry with it a theme of some sort. In some cases, the theme may lend itself to something distinctive about the breed itself, or the country of origin of your dog's breed. As an example, an ideal designer dog collar for a Scottish terrier may carry a plaid or tartan design. An Irish sheep dog may very well be decked out with a designer dog collar that features gold studs set in brilliant green leather. If the idea is to recognize something about the country of origin, there is any number of ways to incorporate that into a theme for a designer dog collar.

At times, the designer collar may be less indicative of something to do with the dog or the origins of the breed, and have a great deal to do with the tastes of the owner. As an example, a poodle that is owned by a woman who favors pink may find that the designer dog collar is made with materials that are in various shades of pink, and may include studs or other ornamentation that are similar to jewelry that is favored by the owner. A biker type may decide to deck out his dog in a spike covered black leather designer dog collar, one that matches the leather accessories that the owner likes to wear when hanging out with his biking buddies. A businessperson may go for something that is simple and tasteful, perhaps even somewhat conservative. Someone who is very conscious of picking the right accessories to go with every outfit may keep on hand a number of different designer dog collars, each of them matching one of the owner's favorite walking outfits.

The holidays are a time when many dog owners go in for a designer collar. How often have we seen dog collars with a Christmas theme that allows our pets to be included in the fun? We may be able to coax our pets in to wearing designer dog collars that blink small colored lights, or are embossed with tiny Santa's or perhaps reindeer in flight.