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Puppy Training Basics or How to Housetrain Your Pup
Puppy training can be both exciting and exhausting; but the time and attention you put in will reward you with a well trained, and house trained, dog who is obedient and a pleasure to live. Training your pup properly is the foundation for a great friendship with your dog.

The 2 best Tips for Training Your Dog
The best dog training tip I ever received for dog training is to remember that whatever you do when you are with your dog – you are always teaching him something. The best tip I can give is to praise your dog when he behaves well.

Dog Litter Box Training Doesn't Have to be Difficult
Many people dread the idea of a dirty animal living in their house but whether or not a dog knows where to eliminate is really down to whether the owner has properly conducted their dog litter box training. A young dog will often need to be taught how to use a litter box.

Crate Training Your Dog Should be the Lesson he Never Knew he Learned
Crate training your dog should begin when he is a puppy, or at least when you first get him, and continue throughout your pet’s life. By making his crate kennel as much a part of his secure and familiar environment as possible you allow him to be comfortable and relaxed around it ...

Easy Housebreaking Tips for Your Puppy
When you bring home your new puppy, some training must start immediately.  With just a few easy housebreaking tips, it won't be long before you can have a puppy and clean floors, too.