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Give Your Dog a Forever Home

Why do you want a dog?  If it's because you saw a cute puppy and thought pet ownership looked like a fun thing to try – do the pet a favor and buy a plant. 

That adorable small pup will grow and mature.  Responsible pet owners know that with proper care, good nutrition and patient training the puppy will grow into a true companion.  Tied up as a lawn ornament and ignored, he will have a miserable life.  Abandoned by a person who loses interest, he doesn't know what he did wrong.

Far too often, dogs are purchased or adopted to fill an empty space in the life of a person.   They aren't meant to be temporary accessories to show off to friends or to fill the void left by divorce or job loss.  Many shelter dogs were once spoiled pets - for a short time.  They were pampered and petted and cared for only until their owner moved on to a new relationship or found a new hobby.  This type of owner is less likely to provide structure and behavior training for their animal - and the most likely to drop the pooch at a shelter or, worse, by the side of the road.

Responsible pet owners know that adding this new canine member to their household is a long term commitment.  They understand that teaching the house rules is a process that requires patience and understanding.  Grooming, feeding, fresh water and playtime are not optional but are daily commitments.

The life span of pets varies with breeds.  You may be surprised to learn that the larger breeds have a significantly shorter average lifespan.   Awkward and funny when young, the Great Dane will be an oldster at age eight while a small terrier breed may not show any signs of advancing age until many years later.  Good nutrition and health care will extend the life of your pet and each stage of their life has something to offer to you as their owner.
The little Fido you brought into your home will play and chew up everything in site, bark at every new experience and be constantly underfoot.  The potential is there for him to grow into a friend that will follow you everywhere, fetch balls, do tricks, and even protect you and your property.  Responsible pet owners will also treasure the old age of their canine companion as his movements become slower and his main occupation is sleeping at your feet.

Whether purchased or adopted, give your dog a forever home.